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The Ultimate Community-Built Design System

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In today's day and age, building a design system is a must-have skill for any UI, UX, and product designer. So why not build one together?

Let's create the ultimate community-built design system.

Here's how it works. I wrote multiple posts on certain design components. The examples I use in these posts are designed by me. Take a look at an example on radio buttons and checkboxes.

Here's what you can do

First of all, download the design system! You're free to use it for any of your design projects. In addition, I'd like you to validate the components and provide feedback as you see fit. It'll help us improve the design system together! Instructions on how to do that are inside.

Also, if you have a view on a certain components not yet in the design system, please contact me to discuss the possibility of a guest post on The Designer's Toolbox!

The design system is free...for now!

Here's where things get interesting. The price of this design system will depend on the number of components inside. Check out the progress bar below.

Take a look inside

This is what the design system looks like for radio buttons. Download the design system now to make full use of it.

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July 14th 2022


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The Ultimate Community-Built Design System

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