UX Career Track - Live Micro Class

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How many job applications have you sent out? If your answer is in the hundreds, it is time for a change. 

Get hired in UX without sending 100+ job applications.

Join my live master class where I help you get job-ready without applying to 100+ job openings.

🎓 Live Micro Classes

Join my live micro class: Get hired in UX without sending 100+ job applications. This live micro class is a package of mentoring sessions limited to a maximum of 6 participants. We will focus on creating a profile and a system that helps you get hired without sending hundreds of job applications.

We will meet every Friday for four weeks on Meet, where I will share the core principles of getting hired in UX. These are based on my experience as a self-taught senior UX designer finding my way in the UX job market.

During our sessions, we will work together to build your profile. From session to session, you have the time to further work on the ideas and principles we discussed during our session.

After the live micro class, you will have a… 👇

• LinkedIn profile that gets the attention of recruiters.

• Resume of a high professional level.

• Portfolio that stands out from the crowd.

• System to make applying for jobs easy and efficient.


Class size - maximum of 6 people per class.

• Sessions - 4x live Zoom sessions every Friday.

• Session length - 30-45 minutes and optional after hours.

• Content availability - The FigJam files and Community will be available to you forever.

• Mentor - Yours truly. Check out my profile in LinkedIn.


⚙️ Creating a system that makes it easier to apply for jobs - The job hunt is exhausting. You’ll learn to build components you can reuse to make your job hunt more efficient. 

🙋‍♀️ Craft a LinkedIn profile that makes recruiters reach out to you - Strong LinkedIn profiles attract recruiters. That’s way better than you have to contact recruiters together with hundreds of other designers fighting over the same job opening.

🚧 Building case studies within 24 hours - Building a case study is a lot of work. You already did the project, and now you still have to write about it. Let’s make that as easy and scalable as possible.

🔬 How to build a portfolio without experience - To get experience, you need a job. And to get a job, you need experience. You’ll learn to break through this circle.

😵‍💫 I’ve completed my bootcamp. Now what? - Clear and actionable next steps for you after completing your bootcamp or UX course. Let’s move from bootcamp to a UX job.

🤝 Grow a professional network that gets you jobs for the long term - UX is a social career. Learn how to grow a professional network by talking to other designers, potential clients, and recruiters.

👩‍💻 What other members say

I really enjoyed the UX Career Track. Everything was organized in a succinct and proactive way. I learned a lot too and I have a feeling it well help me even more with the full-time job search.

- MariaTreminio-Ramirez

I owe a tremendous amount of credit to Nick for challenging me, offering support, encouraging, and constantly reminding me to think outside the box, giving me a clear vision of how and what direction I want to take my new career.

- Rebecca Aston

When you work with Nick, there is no cookie cutter copy and paste formula, as he works with your specific design challenges. He has ample experience in UX, working with a wide range of businesses, which was instrumental in helping me.

- Lizzie LaCour

The community is warm and helpful. The tips are great, and I can recommend this site to anybody just starting out in UX Design. Overall, it is the Designer’s Toolbox that I’ll carry for the rest of my career.

- Nicholas Ikenma

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UX Career Track - Live Micro Class

3 ratings
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