SaaS UX Review - For pre-launch SaaS

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SaaS UX Review - For pre-launch SaaS

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Are you about to launch your SaaS? Not sure how your SaaS will do and if your onboarding is good enough?

Convert your visitors into your first users and MRR 📈

Our UX review helps you increase the ease of use, visual appeal, and conversion rate of your landing page and onboarding. Launch your SaaS the right way.

What you will get

Here's everything you can expect when you let us do a UX review of your SaaS 👇

💡 Actionable suggestions to improve the UX of your SaaS

Our SaaS UX review is more than just commentary on what's wrong. Instead, we provide actionable tips on what to do next, including examples and suggestions.

📄 Lifetime access to a FigJam file 

You can find your review in a FigJam file where we visually show you what to do to prepare your SaaS landing page and onboarding for launch. You can use it as a to-do list, and it will remain available to you forever.

🎤 Recorded video going through all feedback

We attach a recorded video where we explain the bigger picture of our review and how all feedback connects together.

Here's how it works ⚙️

1️⃣ Get started on Gumroad

After placing your order, we will send you a short questionnaire to help us get started. We ask for the URL of your landing page and SaaS onboarding. 

2️⃣ We review your SaaS

We focus on color theory, accessibility, UX writing, visual design, and service design while UX reviewing your SaaS.

3️⃣ Watch your video

In the video, we tell you more about the review, examples, and UX best practices to help you get a complete view of how you can improve your SaaS.

4️⃣ Next steps

You now know what to do to convert those visitors into your first users and MRR. We're here for you if you have questions or need more help! 💪

What others say 📣

When you work with Nick, there is no cookie cutter copy and paste formula, as he works with your specific challenges.

He has ample experience in UX, working with a wide range of businesses, which was instrumental in helping me understand the various ways UX is leveraged in organizations. His kind and approachable attitude was the cherry on top!

- Lizzie LaCour

About the reviewer ✍️

Hi there! 👋

I’m Nick, a senior UX & service designer from the Netherlands. With my visual design background, I design apps, websites, and services that look and work great.

What makes me tick? Two things! 👇

First of all, creating a customer journey that just works. To make that happen, I bring together business goals and user needs in what is technically possible. I am a communicator, a pixel-perfect designer, and a facilitator of engaging design thinking workshops.

Usually, I do this as a UX designer, but I’m also comfortable working as a service or product designer. In recent years, I’ve completed design projects for the Dutch government, multinational banks, and multiple SaaS businesses.

And second, mentoring and coaching other designers to get a better career in UX. I’ve been lucky enough to help multiple designers get their first job in UX and help them get better at what they do.

If you want to chat about design, mentoring, or working together, please contact me.

✉️ hello@thedesignerstoolbox.com

👉 LinkedIn

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Actionable suggestions based on years of UX experience to help you grow your SaaS.

FigJam file
Lifetime access
Personalised video